It could have easily been titled "Jakobean Lute Music"….an excellent survey of early -17th-century English and Scottish lute music…..excquisite rivulets of feeling from every phrase.
Gramophone , April 2014

A lovely disc ... it covers a remarkable expanse of musical forms and feelings ... It reminds us in the best way of the role of the lute in this period ... This is just the best way to present the instrument ... Lindberg's touch is so beautiful, his imagination is so clean and pure that you're fascinated ... A big thumbs up.
BBC Radio 3 CD Review , 18/01/2014

This is such a wonderfully representative collection of English lute music; I would unhesitatingly recommend it, along with a handful of others, if you could only buy one, ever. All is beautifully played and assembled.
American Record Guide, May/June 2014

A total winner…Lindberg's such an expert we almost take him for granted, but after three decades of recording albums…he is still a master of the instrument. …What more can you ask: the combination of Jakob Lindberg, 81 minutes of playing time and a rare 1590 instrument; not to mention the superbly atmospheric SACD sound., May 2014

This is a very special disc, vividly recorded, with Jakob Lindberg's choice of works an absolute delight. This feels like a real step back in time, a material link with the past through this lovely lute and the artistry of Jakob Lindberg. There are top notch booklet notes by Jakob Lindberg, making this a must have for all early music enthusiasts and lovers of fine lute playing
The Classical Reviewer, February 2014

..what really impress are the security of his playing and the maturity of his interpretations of both the serious and more jolly pieces. His sensitive and beautifully paced account of Johnson's long, intensely melancholy Pavan ….is especially interesting. Along with Dowland's A Fancy and Sir John Langton's Pavan, which open and close the programme and Bacheler's La jeune fillette, it is a high point of the programme….A 'must buy' for anyone interested in the lute or the music of the Jacobean era.
International Record Review, March 2014

Jakob Lindberg here turns to familiar territory, and deals with it in exemplary, historically informed fashion. His phrasing is impeccable, and the articulation of multiple lines, always clear and balanced. Great reserves of color can be heard in the slower, longer works, such as the pavans by Robert Johnson and Daniel Bacheler, while all the divisions in the many faster pieces are tossed off with deceptive ease…In short, this is one of Lindberg´s most immediately accessible releases to date….Without ever waxing the sentimental, a rich vein of expressiveness should be obvious to all on this generously timed disc. Highly recommended
Fanfare, May/June 2014

In a meticulously voiced recital that moves between court, theatre and tavern, from music of great sophistication to music of extraordinary bluntness, Lindberg conjures an age that was as perilous as it was rich in musical invention...........The technical challenges of Dowland's divisions (Battle Galliard) and Daniel Bacheler's exquisite variations (La jeune fillette) are skilfully handled and sweetly turned. Lindberg's selection of anonymous airs is of particular interest, from the bleak and spare A Scottish Tune to the seductive Draw Near to Me and Love Me.

BBC MUSIC, April 2014


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