...let me make it immediately clear that my admiration for Lindberg's performances throughout the set is near unbounded. Beautifully clean finger work, sensitivity, and (where needed) virtuosity all combine to produce playing which never flags or ceases to hold attention….. Lindberg's performances deserve the widest possible circulation… For my part, to go through this set has been an immensely rewarding and educative experience, which I hope will be shared by many others. A towering achievement, and unquestionably one of the most important issues of the year.

Lindberg is arguably the finest current performer of Dowland's lute music…in almost four hours I did not detect a single intrusive twang or fingerboard squeek. His tone on both lute and orpharion is richer than before and he has an emotional intensity that is deeply satisfying.

I think Jakob Lindberg adds a new dimension to the playing of Dowland… Jakob Lindberg's version receives the highest recommendation.
Continuo Magazine

This is the first time one lutenist has recorded all Dowland's solo lute music. Jakob Lindberg was involved in the project for Decca's Florilegium where five lutenists (four English players and Jakob) together recorded Dowland's works for lute. Some more works have since been identified as being by John Dowland and these are included on these four CD:s. The BIS numbering means that you get four but pay for only three. An important aspect of this recording is that the lute is mounted with gut bass strings ('corde appesantite') which is meant to give the lute a sonority closer to Dowland's lute.

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