El joven pero veterano laudista y guitarrista Jakob Lindberg realiza unas lecturas plenas de conoscimiento estilistico, exquisita solvencia tecnica e buen relievo sonoro.

World class performance by Jakob Lindberg….an outstanding release from one of our finest early music specialists.
The Full Score

Guitar music by Francesco Corbetta. He brought the art of guitar playing in the Baroque era to its highest level. His Spanish colleague Gaspar Sanz called him 'the best of them all'. Like many of his contemporaries he made use of both rasgueado (strumming) and the more lute like punteado (plucking) and was a master of both these different playing styles. His greatness lies in the way he combined them and in the way his music grew out of the guitar. He was also able to incorporate the French style without losing his Italian identity and this fusion, so successful in the case of Lully, finds a similarly happy marriage in Corbetta's music.

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