An abundance of rapid passage work is only the tip of the iceberg of virtuosity these works call for and Lindberg is, as always, equal to all demands.

Despite the music's obvious difficulty, Lindberg shows he´s more than up to the formidable task of performing it. Not only is he brilliant technically, he has also gotten to the heart of each piece and knows how to bring it out to the listener. His well-written liner notes shows he's as good writer as he is a player.
High Performance Review

Lindberg ci offre come ad solito una prova di grande talento sia musicale che virtuosistico, rendendo questo disco, cosí come i suoi precedenti, un ambito boccone per i cultori di musica antica per liuto.
CD Classica

This recording aims to show some of the rich and varied lute music that appeared in Venetian prints during the second half of the 16th century. The repertoire is notable for the high technical demands on the performer and the virtuosity of some of the Italian lutenists represented here was perhaps never surpassed by later generations. Composers include Francesco da Milano, Giacomo Gorzanis, Simone Molinaro, Giovanni Battista della Gostena and Giovanni Antonio Terzi.

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