64 minuter av himmelskt välljud. Svenska världsartister svarar för dessa mycket inspirerande inspelningar av förvånansvärt sällan framförda verk.
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Vor allem der schwedische Lautenist Jakob Lindberg beweist bei den schnellen Sätzen auf seinem Instrument eine Virtuosität, die ihresgleichen so schnell wohl kaum finden dürfte.
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La interpretación de los solistas suecos encabezados por Jakob Lindberg, indiscutible primera figura del laud en la actualidad, es muy musical y con pocas complicaciones y enrevesamientos, tal y como mandan los instrumentos ejecutantes. En fin, un CD curioso especialmente recommendable, como he dicho antes, para incorregibles que deseen ampliar a toda costa su compactoteca haydniana. Yo me incluyo entre ellos.
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The lute continued to be an important instrument in Europe during the early years of Haydn's life. It is not surprising, therefore, to find four works for lute and strings by him. Three of these are well-known in versions for string quartet, whilst the Sonata a 3 in F has not survived in any other form. The music was composed early in Haydn's career, after he had been dismissed from the Choir in Vienna Cathedral, but before he entered the service of the Esterházys in 1761 and are full of charm and wit. Jakob Lindberg are joined by members of The Drottningholm Baroque Ensemble.

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