Here we get a chance to appreciate virtuoso music in the hands of a true virtuoso…[the recording] contains some of the finest examples of the genre….Lindberg's real virtuosity lies in not calling attention to his technique. Rather he lets his technical mastery give the music a subtle case and grace that makes the whole performance sound effortless.
CD Yearbook

Lindberg is in top form in these pieces. His playing is sensitive and vibrant, taking full advantage of the instrument's capabilities and adapting easily to the different stylistic requirements.
Continuo Magazine

Lindberg again presents us with an exceptional collection…. High taste levels as well as exceptional, clear virtuoso technique are heard throughout the collection.
San Francisco Chronicle

Virtuoso music for lute and chitarrone from England and Italy with works by Lorenzini da Roma, Simone Molinaro, Giovanni Girolamo Kapsperger, Alessandro Piccinini, Anthony Holborne, Peter Phillips, Francis Cutting, Daniel Bacheler and Anonymous. The pieces on this CD were originally recorded on two LPs; LP 211 and LP 226. Music by John Dowland was not transferred with the intention of recording his complete solo lute music later.

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