Lindberg's performance of the 17th century compositions here on the lute is nearly hypnotic - or perhaps entrancing is a better description. The lute's naturally warm, mellow tone is exploited here with the virtuosic expressive touch of this master, who makes even the simplest tune ring with an air if importance.
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This is an outstanding issue on all accounts.

A selection of lute music from Scotland and France transferred from two of Jakob Lindbergs earliest recordings for BIS (Scottish Lute Music LP201 recorded in 1982 and French Lute Music LP260 from 1983). This was the first time these Scottish settings appeared on a recording and several lutenists have followed Lindberg's example. In addition to music from The Rowallen Lute Book (c.1620), The Straloch Lute Book (1627-9) The Jane Pickering Lute Book (c. 1616) and The Lady Margaret Wemmyss Book (c. 1644-8) there is music for the 11-course baroque lute from The Balcarres Lute Book (c. 1690) and suites by Ennemond Gaultier and Jaques Gallot.

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